Chapter 1: Gnolls!

Party meets in an inn after traveling all day. Secure rooms, and hear local rumors. Widow’s Creek is being harassed by Gnolls. Man with dark skin and red eyes told of ruined dragon statues. Aramil steals Dwarven tapestries.

Party heads north from Forest Haven to Widow’s Creek. Discover Gnolls acting smarter than usual. Kidnapping girls before every full moon. Provide assistance, but ultimately promise to attempt to recover the girls and stop the Gnolls.

balbael.jpegTracked Gnolls north-east of Widow’s Creek. Eliminated sentries, infiltrated camp. Discovered sacrificial ceremony being performed by Gnolls and cultist/mage leader. Party leaps into action after the death of one of the five kidnapped girls. Mid-fight, mage turns into a werewolf. Gnolls defeated, mage defeated. Before slaying Mage (Bal’Bael), party is able to learn that he worships Lozen and hates Selune.

Party takes Bal’Bael’s head and ransacks his tent. Finds a spellbook, a few scrolls, and a deed to a house in Rhy’Din. Party intimidates the gnolls not to attack the village any longer, after killing some dire wolves. Party returns to Widow’s Creek. After a happy reunion, the party sets off towards Rhy’Din.

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